How to use 3D wallpaper in Windows 10

In Windows 10, you can add 3D photos to your desktop.The process is simple: Open the app, right-click the desktop icon, and select “Add to Desktop”.Select “3D”.Then “Choose”.In the dialog box, type a name for your wallpaper and select the one you want to add.Then click “OK”.3D images are available for download from a third […]

The new ‘Best Friend’ is coming to Netflix

Netflix announced its next addition to the streaming service: the first-ever animated series, Best Friend.The show follows a group of friends who are given the ability to “make friends with any animal,” including foxes, squirrels, wolves, and even humans.“It’s a new kind of family fun,” the show’s executive producer, Andrew Berg, told The Hollywood Reporter.“We’re […]

Manhunt: A little more to it than just the trailer

A new trailer for the Manhunt film has been released.The teaser features the main character Amanda Todd, who is shown fleeing a police station with a police dog.She has been seen being taken into custody after being involved in an altercation with a rival gang member.The film, which will be released on October 26, is […]

How to download an iPhone wallpaper and save it to your Apple Photos

A few days ago, we shared how you can save an iPhone image to your Photos app, and now we have a guide on how to use this new feature.If you’re looking for an iPhone wallpapers to add to your photos, you can download a variety of wallpapers, including a wide variety of wallpaper themes.We’ve […]

Why NBA players look so bad in this new animated film

An animated movie that highlights the many flaws of the NBA’s stars will be shown Friday in its entirety at the 2018 Summer Olympics.“A Basketball Life,” a collaboration between ESPN and Disney, tells the story of NBA stars Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant through their relationship with their younger sister, Ariana.It will be the first […]

When Will We See You Again?

When will we see you again?When do we get to see you?It’s the question we’re asking ourselves every time we see a new album or film or TV show.But how do we know what to expect when it’s time to go?It seems to have always been there for us.It’s something we’ve been trained to expect, […]