LeBron James, LeBron James and Cavs on the road: A preview

article The Cleveland Cavaliers are headed to New Orleans for a four-game road trip that includes the Pelicans, Pelicans-Cavaliers, Pelicans and Pelicans-Mavericks.James, LeBron and company have been to New York and Los Angeles in the past two seasons, respectively, but they’ve not faced off against the Pelicans since LeBron returned to the NBA in 2016.The […]

The World’s Best Rainbow Walls: The Best, Worst, and Most Incredible Wallpapers

A rainbow wallpaper is a color that has a distinct hue and pattern, often accompanied by the word “rainbow” or the words “Rainbow” and “Wallpaper” in the description.You can choose from a wide variety of different rainbow wallpapers, such as the simple rainbow wallpaper, a rainbow wallpaper that shows stars, a colorful rainbow wallpaper with […]

Which games are coming to iOS and Android?

Google announced the next installment of its Android mobile platform on Monday.The new iOS version will be released on September 18, with Android versions to follow in the coming months.The new iOS and Google Play editions of the Android operating system will include Google’s new Play Music service and the Google Now app, as well […]

How to get the most out of Android on an Android smartphone

Android has been in its current form for over a decade now.There’s a lot of buzz surrounding its future.Now, there’s even more hype around its future, and it’s no different from the excitement surrounding the Android phones it’s replacing.While the Android devices have gotten better with time, the phones are also getting better at the […]