What are the 10 best Bible verses?

The Bible verse you’re looking for is: 1 Samuel 18:1-3:7 (English)A prophet from God has been lying to his people, telling them that God has a special gift, a special privilege, that only he has.But there’s no such thing as a gift, only a privilege, and that gift only comes with work and effort.The prophet […]

Manhunt: A little more to it than just the trailer

A new trailer for the Manhunt film has been released.The teaser features the main character Amanda Todd, who is shown fleeing a police station with a police dog.She has been seen being taken into custody after being involved in an altercation with a rival gang member.The film, which will be released on October 26, is […]

How to Use Google’s Weird Google Weather app to Make the World Look More Awesome

title How To Use Google Google Weather App to Make The World Look Less Cool article title Google’s weird weather app turns your smartphone into a Google Glass eye tracker article title Get a Google Pixel 2 with an Android Wear 2.0.0 upgrade article title The most important Android Wear update is here!article title Android […]