How to fix your Xbox One’s wallpapers

Posted October 19, 2018 08:08:00 We’ve heard the cries of “wallpapers don’t work on Xbox One” and “the wallpapers aren’t coming to Xbox One at all.”Unfortunately, Microsoft is only going to be releasing wallpapers that have a certain size and resolution on the Xbox One.The Wallpapers section of the Xbox Store has a list of […]

Demon Slayer 2: Iron Man wallpaper by Iron Man

The Iron Man series has always been a big draw in terms of fans and fanservice, and there have been plenty of attempts to make their way onto the games’ respective games.However, while there’s always been fan-favorite artwork in the series, it’s never really been a common look for the series to be done.In the […]

How to Get Away with Doing Stupid Things: Why Are You Still a Bad Bunny?

If you were hoping to get away with doing stupid things like eating too many cookies and not paying attention to the time in your life, you’re in luck.Because this is the internet, you can now do it.That is, of course, if you’re the bad bunny.But seriously, the bad rabbit doesn’t do any stupid things.It’s […]