The new ‘Best Friend’ is coming to Netflix

Netflix announced its next addition to the streaming service: the first-ever animated series, Best Friend.The show follows a group of friends who are given the ability to “make friends with any animal,” including foxes, squirrels, wolves, and even humans.“It’s a new kind of family fun,” the show’s executive producer, Andrew Berg, told The Hollywood Reporter.“We’re […]

Best Friend (Frozen) is the Best Anime Live Wallpaper for 2018

The best friend anime is finally back!And that means it’s time for the next season of anime live wallpapers.This time around, we’re focusing on two new animated shows: one from the new anime Frozen, and one from Frozen’s new animated film.There’s also an animated song from the Frozen soundtrack on top.To round out the anime […]

When Will We See You Again?

When will we see you again?When do we get to see you?It’s the question we’re asking ourselves every time we see a new album or film or TV show.But how do we know what to expect when it’s time to go?It seems to have always been there for us.It’s something we’ve been trained to expect, […]