The new ‘Best Friend’ is coming to Netflix

Netflix announced its next addition to the streaming service: the first-ever animated series, Best Friend.The show follows a group of friends who are given the ability to “make friends with any animal,” including foxes, squirrels, wolves, and even humans.“It’s a new kind of family fun,” the show’s executive producer, Andrew Berg, told The Hollywood Reporter.“We’re […]

The world’s most beautiful and disturbing Halloween wallpaper

The world is awash in a sea of colorful, unsettling and unsettling holiday wallpaper.From spooky-themed wallpapers to creepy, disturbing, and spooky wallpapers, this article will look at the most terrifying, disturbing and spookiest Halloween wallpapers.1.The Mummy (2001)This iconic image is one of the most recognizable images from the Harry Potter series, and it is one […]