The NHL is considering moving its 2017 season opener to a different city to accommodate the NHL All-Star Game

Broken screen wallpaper from the NHL’s 2018 All-Stars Game has become the latest example of how the league is looking to move the All-star Game to a new location to accommodate its upcoming All- Star Game. It’s a move that would be made easier by the NHL having to play a different game because of the […]

The World’s Best Rainbow Walls: The Best, Worst, and Most Incredible Wallpapers

A rainbow wallpaper is a color that has a distinct hue and pattern, often accompanied by the word “rainbow” or the words “Rainbow” and “Wallpaper” in the description.You can choose from a wide variety of different rainbow wallpapers, such as the simple rainbow wallpaper, a rainbow wallpaper that shows stars, a colorful rainbow wallpaper with […]