How to use Google’s new sunsets wallpaper

If you’re a fan of sunsets, this is probably the wallpaper that will suit you.The wallpaper is made up of a selection of different sunsets from different angles, so that you can get a feel for how they look from different perspectives.It’s a free wallpaper and available to download now.The app uses the same technology […]

How to decorate your smartphone without getting in trouble

Android is everywhere and, until recently, it was a pretty easy way to put your phone on your wall.Now, it’s becoming more difficult to put it there, with more devices being equipped with the new iPhone.However, there are a few ways to keep your phone in its home screen even when it’s on your desk.1.Make […]

How to change the look of your smartphone’s wallpaper

A user recently uploaded a video to YouTube showing how to change a smartphone’s display wallpaper to one that looks more appealing.The video, titled How to Change the Look of Your Smartphone’s Wallpaper, was uploaded to YouTube by user Kunal Gupta in February this year.It showed how to set the wallpaper to be different from […]