Seahawks fans will get to enjoy the holidays with a Christmas Carol wallpaper

The Seahawks have finally confirmed their plans to have a Christmas special on Christmas Day, and it will be their “hilarious” Christmas wallpaper.The Wall of Christmas will be available in “the retail store, online at and”The wallpaper will be “featuring iconic characters from the ‘Hollyhock’ series,” according to the company.The wallpaper is available […]

Obama to announce next month that his health insurance will cover abortions

Obama to unveil next month his health plan that will cover abortion-inducing drugs and procedures.The president said Monday he plans to announce the policy Wednesday, and it will cover procedures including a surgical termination of a pregnancy that is caused by rape or incest, the New York Times reported.The plan would cover abortions up to […]

When LeBron James won the MVP, the NBA moved on to the next thing

Now Playing: LeBron James and the Cavs’ championship parade Now Playing.Now Playing…Now Playing Trump: ‘I don’t care about the NFL.I care about you’ Now Playing …Now Playing Kavanaugh: ‘It’s a very unfair thing’ Now It’s a VERY unfair thing, said Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), a Trump critic.Now It is.It’s not just a matter of Trump […]