Why the Australian Olympic Association is making a huge mistake with its new home page

Posted November 17, 2018 06:02:28 The Australian Olympic association (AOA) has announced plans to rename the site that covers the sport of swimming in its home page.It is being called the ‘Australian Olympic Pavilion’.The AOA’s move comes after the publication of a leaked leaked version of the organisation’s 2018 Olympic Games bid document which claimed […]

Why are red and white Christmas cards so popular?

There’s a new meme coming to the internet this holiday season: the red and yellow Christmas cards.As the season approaches, the cards are being used as a means of social networking and marketing.They’re also being used in schools and restaurants, often for Christmas decorations.But as many red and blue Christmas cards are the same, and […]

How To Use Your Smartphone To Draw a Glitter Wallpaper

We all know that wallpaper is awesome, but now you can do a little bit more with your smartphone.A new wallpaper engine is making it easy to make your own stunning wallpapers.The app, called Wix, lets you draw a glitter wall with your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone.Here’s how to use it: 1.Install Wix on […]