iPhone 6S: The iPhone 6s looks great but it’s not the best-looking phone

Apple is looking to the next generation of its iPhones with the iPhone 6, the sixth iteration of the smartphone with an all-new design and a faster processor.Apple CEO Tim Cook told the Wall Street Journal in an interview that the next iPhone should be “the best-designed iPhone ever.”“It has a better display, it has […]

Why are red and white Christmas cards so popular?

There’s a new meme coming to the internet this holiday season: the red and yellow Christmas cards.As the season approaches, the cards are being used as a means of social networking and marketing.They’re also being used in schools and restaurants, often for Christmas decorations.But as many red and blue Christmas cards are the same, and […]

Digital Archive of Cryptozoic Pools is back and better than ever!

The Digital Archive Of Cryptozoal Pools was launched on October 17, 2019 and is the largest online collection of the most popular digital artwork on the web, including digital paintings, watercolours, murals, sculptures, drawings, video games and more.The new website features a dedicated gallery for the artworks, along with galleries for digital artworks by artists […]