iOS 10: A look at the new wallpaper styles

A new iOS 10 wallpaper style has been revealed, with the iOS 10 Apple WatchKit 2.1 theme.The wallpaper was first revealed in the iOS 9 beta, but it hasn’t been released publicly yet.According to a screenshot on Apple’s blog, iOS 10 will have a variety of wallpapers to choose from, including “the familiar black and […]

The world’s most beautiful and disturbing Halloween wallpaper

The world is awash in a sea of colorful, unsettling and unsettling holiday wallpaper.From spooky-themed wallpapers to creepy, disturbing, and spooky wallpapers, this article will look at the most terrifying, disturbing and spookiest Halloween wallpapers.1.The Mummy (2001)This iconic image is one of the most recognizable images from the Harry Potter series, and it is one […]