Apple’s iOS 7.0 has a few bugs that can make it look ugly

AppleInsider article It’s been a few months since Apple released iOS 7, but it’s finally here.AppleInsiders has posted a comprehensive list of all the bugs that Apple is fixing for iOS 7 in the next major release of iOS, version 7.1.0.We’re excited to be a part of Apple’s work on improving the look of iOS […]

How to decorate your home with cool wallpapers

Here are the ten wallpapers that will make your home look like a new world and make your office look like heaven.1.Wallpaper by – It is like a fairy tale in a dream world. Sakura Wallpapers 2. Wallpaper by SorinDeeWallpaper  – Beautiful and unique the best wallpaper of the year. 3. Hoodie by Eyes of an IdiotWallpaper of the Year – Inspired by an old Japanese […]