How to unlock the world of Android 4.3 on an iPhone 4S

If you’re one of the few who hasn’t yet upgraded to Android 4:3, this article will teach you everything you need to know about the update to the latest version of Android.But if you’re already an Android 4 user and don’t have a 4S, don’t worry – there’s a quick guide for you!Before you get […]

How to use Android’s built-in wallpaper for the best look at your Android phone

Android is a platform that can help you achieve a beautiful, colorful and minimalistic look on your device.That’s why you can get the best looking wallpaper on your phone from Google Play, and even get the default Android wallpaper, which is designed to look like the wallpaper on a TV screen.It’s important to make sure […]

How to make your home screen glow with a wallpaper

You’ve probably seen a few wallpapers in the past few years.From the minimalist ones that look like they came straight from the anime, to the full-blown wallpapers that look exactly like your desktop wallpaper.But what if you want to make it look more like your real life?And that’s where wallpaper maker Fortnite comes in.If you […]

LeBron James, LeBron James and Cavs on the road: A preview

article The Cleveland Cavaliers are headed to New Orleans for a four-game road trip that includes the Pelicans, Pelicans-Cavaliers, Pelicans and Pelicans-Mavericks.James, LeBron and company have been to New York and Los Angeles in the past two seasons, respectively, but they’ve not faced off against the Pelicans since LeBron returned to the NBA in 2016.The […]

Which of these 3 wallpapers is the most cute?

If you don’t have a ton of time to get through a whole article, you might be interested in reading a few of the other articles in this series.For now, I just want to focus on one of them.I’ll be honest: This is my favorite wallpaper.The colors are bright, and the images are great.But it’s […]

What are the 10 best Bible verses?

The Bible verse you’re looking for is: 1 Samuel 18:1-3:7 (English)A prophet from God has been lying to his people, telling them that God has a special gift, a special privilege, that only he has.But there’s no such thing as a gift, only a privilege, and that gift only comes with work and effort.The prophet […]