On Thanksgiving, it’s time to take a break from the TV and get cozy with a friend, say the makers of the best friend wallpaper from the Walt Disney Company.

The new wallpaper, which is being used by Walt Disney World Resort guests to decorate their homes, comes in a selection of vibrant colors that range from turquoise to deep blues.

It also comes with a variety of holiday-themed wallpaper templates, including one that features Mickey Mouse, Santa, Snow White, Donald Duck and Pluto, among others.

“We wanted to give guests a little holiday cheer in their homes this year,” said Jim Smith, senior vice president of product development for Disney Parks and Resorts, in a statement.

“This new collection of holiday wallpaper is a great way to decorat and inspire a festive atmosphere in your home.

And it’s free for Walt Disney Parks & Resorts guests to download.”

The Walt Disney Studios also launched a “Best Friends” wallpaper in 2015 that features characters from the hit animated TV show “Frozen.”

The new “Best Friend” wallpaper will be available at Disney Parks in Walt Disney Springs and Disney California Adventure beginning Nov. 11.