A new iOS 10 wallpaper style has been revealed, with the iOS 10 Apple WatchKit 2.1 theme.

The wallpaper was first revealed in the iOS 9 beta, but it hasn’t been released publicly yet.

According to a screenshot on Apple’s blog, iOS 10 will have a variety of wallpapers to choose from, including “the familiar black and white of your favorite wallpapers, as well as an alternative style featuring a bright red hue.”

We’ve seen a few different versions of iOS 10 wallpapers on the App Store, including a collection of “The Best of Apple,” a collection titled “Your Favorite Apple Wallpapers,” and an app called “The Art of iPhone.” iOS 10 is the first version of iOS to include an Apple Watch app, so it’s possible that we’ll see a collection similar to the “The Most Interesting Apple Wallpaper” collection in the future.

The Apple Watch 2.0 theme is set to arrive this fall, but the iOS 11 beta is just now starting to arrive on the device.

The WatchKit wallpaper is set for release later this year.

The “The art of iPhone” wallpapers are a fun, fun, and whimsical collection of wallpaper images created by photographer Scott Moxon.

It was designed by Moxen, who also created the “iPhone Art Wallpaper.”