Here are the instructions for how to hide the desktop wallpaper of reddit.

The wallpaper you choose is the default wallpaper.

You can also change it by going to settings, selecting desktop, and then using the button to change it.

You’ll need to click the back button when you want to hide it.

Once you’ve done that, the desktop will no longer be visible, so it won’t interfere with any of your other Reddit activities.

This works for desktop, mobile, and tablet apps, so you don’t need to change anything in your desktop app.

This is useful if you have multiple Reddit apps that are not using the same wallpaper, like a game, social network, or chat app.

You should only use this if you can’t completely hide the app’s desktop wallpaper.

If you’re having trouble, the easiest way to find the wallpaper is to open up the app, tap Settings, then go to Appearance.

There you’ll see a list of all the app windows.

If they’re all the same color, they’re usually the same.

If the wallpaper’s been changed, you should be able to see it by looking for it in the Appearance window.

If it’s changed in another app, you’ll have to wait a bit for it to appear again.

The other app should be the one that has the default desktop wallpaper as the default.

If there are multiple apps that use the same desktop wallpaper, you can change that wallpaper by selecting a different one, then selecting Settings, Desktop, and choosing the wallpaper you want.

You won’t have to go back and change the wallpaper again.

Here’s a quick video guide to how to do it.