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It’s not just a matter of Trump not liking the NFL, he’s a man who’s not interested in being treated fairly.

That’s why I don’t believe he has the right to ignore the law.

It has nothing to do with what the law says.

It is a matter, he said.

I think he is trying to bully the NFL into changing their policy on players kneeling during the national anthem.

This is the same guy who was caught on tape saying he would have gotten away with it if he was a woman.

Now that he’s in office, this is the guy who says he doesn’t care if you’re a woman, and that he can fire you if you disrespect the flag.

Now he has a team of lawyers that are making sure he has his way, and if you don’t agree with him, he will fire you.

Now it’s the NFL and the NFL players who are taking a knee.

Now, that’s not the NFL saying they’re doing it for their fans, that is what’s being called a racist comment.

It seems that this is a game of football, and it’s just about the football, said ESPN’s Brian Windhorst.

Now in the NBA, it is the NBA who are kneeling, not the players.

And the league owners have decided that their owners, they don’t want any player protesting during the anthem.

But I would like to ask you, is this about race, or is this a business decision?

Now, I think the NBA is not going to stand for this kind of thing, Windhorsts said.

Now what I want to ask is, why are they doing this?

And if it’s about race.

Is it about race?

The league owners can’t do anything about it.

They are going to have to go back and say, is it about a business deal?

So they will have to say, if you go down the path that you’re taking, you’re going to be sued.

Now this is not about anything.

If you want to take a knee, it’s fine.

If they don and you don and they don, you can’t take a kneel.

And if they do, it will be the end of the league.

Now they’re going down the road where they are saying, we are going in the opposite direction.

Now I think what the league and their owners have to realize is that this isn’t about them, it isn’t a political issue.

The players are not the political party, it really isn’t.

Now when you see the president calling the NFL the worst of the worst, that just is a lie.

They’re not the worst in the NFL or anywhere else.

The NFL is just a business.

Now the NFL is a business that is going to take care of business, not be a political party.

Now if you think that is the right way to approach this, then I want you to call your representatives and say that.

Now now what is the next big issue?

Now what the NFL has to realize right now is that the next time you see him, when he talks about the players kneeling, you have to ask yourself, is he going to do anything different than what he did last time?

So what they have to do now is say, we will take care in the future.

Now you can go out there and say whatever you want about the president and his comments, but I’m not going anywhere until he does the right thing, the right things.

Now we have to keep fighting for what is right.

Now my friends, you know what?

We have to fight for what’s right, we have got to fight to keep our country safe, we’ve got to keep it strong, we’re going back to the place where we belong, the place that we’re supposed to be, the city where we were born and raised.