Fortnites official website has posted a trailer for the game’s super hero avatar.

Fortnits official website posted a teaser trailer for its new “super hero” avatar.

The trailer shows a soldier with an awesome looking armor, the cape and the cape insignia.

It also features a super-hero-like appearance and cape.

The new avatar has been created by the team at Fable Labs and features a special power: “The super hero”.

The trailer includes some gameplay footage of the avatar.

The avatar appears to be a mixture of the hero and the “super” character.

The character’s cape can be seen in the background, along with the shield and the hat.

The team at Fortniti also showed a “hero”-like power in the trailer.

The new avatar appears in the game alongside the other heroes and villains.

The game is set to launch on May 23 in North America and May 24 in Europe.

The trailer has been viewed over 1 million times on YouTube.

Fable Legends: Fortnited will launch for Xbox One and Windows 10 on May 22.