How to Buy a New iPhone 5s: What to look for in the latest model?

Apple released a new version of the iPhone 5 last week, and if you’re wondering how you can upgrade your handset, you needn’t worry.

The iPhone 5 has a 5.5-inch OLED display that offers the same high-definition resolution of the iPad 3, and its camera can record 4K video.

But if you need an upgrade from the iPhone 4S, you’ll need to get a 5-inch screen.

So, how do you go from an iPhone 4 to the new 5S?

The new 5s has a bigger screen than the iPhone 3GS, and it also has the same resolution.

However, if you want to get the same kind of performance, the iPhone5s will have a higher-resolution display.

But don’t let that scare you, because the 5s is just the new iPhone 4.

If you’re not happy with the new 4S display, there are two ways you can get it: buy a brand-new iPhone 5 from the Apple Store or upgrade to the iPhone 6 Plus.

The latter is available for just $1,299.99.

Apple says that you can also upgrade your iPhone from the original iPhone 5 to the newer model.

Apple has already begun selling the iPhone6 Plus, and we’ve seen the new model with a 5K display and a larger battery.

We already have some good reviews for the new 6 Plus, but we still prefer the iPhone 7 Plus over it.

If that’s not enough, you can even upgrade to an iPhone 5 without an iPhone 6, just by paying a bit more for the iPhone.

It costs $299.95 and includes both the iPhone4 and the iPhone7.

If you want the latest version of iPhone, you have to pay $699.99, and you can do that at the Apple store.

But if you are looking for a smartphone with the best performance, you might want to check out the newest iPhone, which has a screen that can shoot 4K videos and an even bigger battery.

It’s the only iPhone with the bigger battery, so the iPhone is still more than adequate for everyday use.

The new iPhone will go on sale in the United States on April 14.