If you’re like me, your phone is a big deal.

It can be the difference between a good experience and a great one.

Black wallpapers are the perfect touch-up.

If you have a lot of photos or videos, you’ll often have them cropped to a smaller size to make them more comfortable.

You can do it on your home screen, too, if you want.

But if you use your phone for everything else, you might want to start looking at your wallpaper.

If your wallpaper is too dark, you can change it with a little bit of effort.

Here are the tips I use to make my wallpaper black:Make it a bit of a dark shade.

I usually like a light shade for my phone to blend into the background.

Black makes it easier to read.

I use a dark, white, and muted color for my wallpaper.

For my wallpaper, I have a white, muted, and white theme.

I also use a black and blue theme.

And my wallpaper is the most versatile I have.

The best thing about black wallpaper is that it can look great on the phone itself.

You don’t have to worry about how the wallpaper looks on your phone, or how it looks when you take it out of the case.

Black wallpaper is very versatile.

Here are some tips to make it look great:When you take your phone out of your case, make sure it’s not too dark.

Make sure the wallpaper is dark enough to be read comfortably, but not so dark that you’ll have to open your phone.

When I do this, I usually choose a black, muted or white theme that has a bit more brightness than the rest of the wallpaper.

Black is good for reading.

You’ll probably want a dark background to read your texts.

But you can also try to make your wallpaper dark enough that you won’t have a problem reading text.

If it’s too dark and your text isn’t crisp enough, you won.

Black makes your wallpaper look great in the app drawer.

You may want to put a black wallpaper on your homescreen for more organization.

You can get creative with the size of the background, too.

I have my wallpaper cropped to fit a smaller section of my home screen than the other apps.

But I’ll sometimes use my wallpaper as a reference when I’m scrolling through my apps, so that I can easily see where the app icons are on my homescreen.

I also like to put my wallpaper on the right side of the screen so that the top of the app bar is in the right place.

If the wallpaper isn’t the right size for the app, it can make it hard to read the app icon when it’s in the top-right corner of your screen.

If you use the phone to take a picture or video, try making the wallpaper dark so it’s easy to read when you’re taking a picture, video or playing a video.

Black is the perfect color for that.

Make the wallpaper a bit bolder.

You want your wallpaper to be bold enough to make you feel confident when you open it.

You could make it bold by using a different color than the others.

But that doesn’t make it black.

You still need to make sure the color is bright enough to read comfortably.

Black helps to keep things organized.

When you’re scrolling through apps, I often put my app icons in the center of my wallpaper so that they’re easy to find.

If your wallpaper isn, like me or many people, a little dark, black is a great color to use to add contrast to your wallpaper and make it stand out.

If that sounds like you, then you might consider adding some wallpaper backgrounds.

Here’s a few of my favorites.

I use the Black and White theme for my wallpapers.

I don’t often use a background color other than black, so I like a black theme that is bright and bold.

I love this theme for this wallpaper:It’s a good mix of boldness and subtlety.

It’s a great contrast to the other wallpapers on my phone.

I have this theme:It is bright, but it’s subtle.

It looks very subtle, but if you look closely, you will see that it’s black.

If I add more colors, you could get something like this:Black is also a great background color for your app bar.

You have the option of using black, white or muted colors for your background.

Theres also a nice variation between the two.

You might choose a dark black background for the bottom-right side of your app.

Black and white is also an excellent choice for a phone’s home screen.

It adds a nice contrast to my wallpaper and is easy to see.

Black doesn’t have any of the best contrast.

Black can look a little off-putting, but you can use a few different options.

Here is a few tips to help make your phone black:Put your wallpaper on a