Football is getting the motivational treatment.

A Facebook fan page has been created to show off the game’s new “love” and “fall” wallpaper, while a Pinterest page has also been created for those looking for more motivational ideas.

The football fans, who are using the page to promote their favourite teams and players, are also sharing motivational messages to share with others.

“Just get off your arse, go and play football and enjoy life,” one fan posted.

“Go and go get your football, it will make you feel better,” another added.

“There are so many things to do and love in life, you never know what you’ll find.”

Fans are also encouraging followers to take a selfie with their team’s star player.

“A lot of people are starting to take selfies with their star players, they’re doing it for them,” the fan told

“You can see the way they smile, the way their eyes are moving, and how they’re moving their body.”

The Football Wallpaper is a motivational wall to be used on Facebook.

(Facebook)”I’m hoping to see people doing it every day, that’s what I’m hoping,” the girl added.

The “fall wall” was created by a fan who was looking for inspiration.

The Wallpaper was created to celebrate the upcoming weekend and the beginning of the new season, with football fans sharing inspirational messages.

The wallpaper is a mix of colours and is a great way to celebrate and celebrate a match.