Stoner wallpapers for the Google Pixel 2XL are now available for download on the Google Play Store.

Google has now put up a wallpaper for the Pixel 2 with a nice hallowensey vibe.

This wallpaper was originally released in March but you can now download it for free.

The wallpaper has a beautiful black and white color scheme and uses a lot of cool colors.

The Pixel 2 also includes a “stoner” theme with an extra color in the background.

It uses the same basic wallpaper as the Pixel 1.

The “stoners” version also has a little bit of a “stoner” vibe to it, as you can see in the wallpaper’s thumbnail.

The Google Play store has already uploaded the Google wallpaper for free, but if you want to purchase it, you can grab the wallpaper and its theme by clicking on the thumbnail below.

The theme also comes with a few other extras.

The full wallpaper can be downloaded for free here.