Which is the best iPhone wallpaper for iPhone?

Apple has confirmed to the US news outlet The Verge that it will begin making iPhone wallpaper themes available on Apple Watch apps on April 1, and Apple Watch app developers are now able to start accepting the new wallpaper theme.The Wallpaper app on the Apple Watch already includes the default Apple Watch wallpaper and […]

How to get rid of your annoying anime wallpaper

Awwww… this wallpaper is annoying.Here’s how to remove it from your computer and keep it from ruining your anime-watching experience.1.Uninstall any previous version of the app.This includes versions 2.0 and 3.0.2.Go to Settings > Apps > Updates.3.Uncheck the box next to “Do not display this app on your device.”4.Go back to your device.5.Install the latest […]