How to make your home screen glow with a wallpaper

You’ve probably seen a few wallpapers in the past few years.From the minimalist ones that look like they came straight from the anime, to the full-blown wallpapers that look exactly like your desktop wallpaper.But what if you want to make it look more like your real life?And that’s where wallpaper maker Fortnite comes in.If you […]

How to make an army of Fortnite bots

Fortnites’ bots have been getting a lot of love lately.The game has already been released on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac, and it’s being supported by the Fortnition network of servers and bot developers.Now, the developers are sharing a tool to help you create your own bot.The Fortnitions Bot Builder is free and is available […]

Which games are coming to iOS and Android?

Google announced the next installment of its Android mobile platform on Monday.The new iOS version will be released on September 18, with Android versions to follow in the coming months.The new iOS and Google Play editions of the Android operating system will include Google’s new Play Music service and the Google Now app, as well […]