Why we should never stop watching anime

In the last decade or so, the number of TV shows and movies that we’ve been watching has skyrocketed.In fact, the average amount of time we spend watching TV content has gone up.It’s also become increasingly easier to binge watch on Netflix.But what is the secret behind this dramatic increase in viewing time?The answer lies […]

Why I’ve Changed my Phone Wallpaper to My Android Wallpaper

I have no idea why I’ve been using my phone’s wallpaper for the past year.I love it.It makes me feel so much better.I was a big fan of the Samsung Galaxy S7 wallpaper when it was released last year.It had the classic red, yellow and blue colors.Now, I use it to change my wallpaper, even […]

How to Make the Best Winter Weather Wallpapers from the Android Market

Winter has come, and the Android landscape is filled with wallpapers for all your winter adventures.Whether you want to stay indoors, lounge out on a snow covered patio, or spend some quality time in the backyard, there’s a wallpaper for you.Whether it’s a warm winter or an icy cold one, there are some wallpapers you […]

How to get the most out of Android on an Android smartphone

Android has been in its current form for over a decade now.There’s a lot of buzz surrounding its future.Now, there’s even more hype around its future, and it’s no different from the excitement surrounding the Android phones it’s replacing.While the Android devices have gotten better with time, the phones are also getting better at the […]