5 things to know about the Star Wars: A New Hope poster – Star Wars blog

1.Star Wars – A New Way to Live 3.A New Beginning 4.A Jedi Covenant 5.The Return of the Jedi 6.The Last Jedi 7.New Hope 8.The Force Awakens 9.Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 10.Rogue Two 11.The New Adventures of Luke and Leia 12.The Empire Strikes Back 13.Return of Leia 14.The Phantom Menace 15.The Battle of […]

WTF? Two screens? Two TVs? What’s this about?

It’s a question that can be asked by any viewer of the show’s second season, which began airing Tuesday night and has already averaged more than 4 million viewers.The answer is the two screens.On one side of the screen, there’s the main storyline and the rest of the season.On the other, there are the two-hour […]

How to use Photoshop to turn a blank wall into a Christmas wallpaper

In the past, we’ve discussed how to transform a blank wallpaper into a wallpaper with a couple of different methods.The first of these techniques involves using a layer mask, which we’ve covered in a previous article.The layer mask works by transforming the layer that you want to make a wallpaper from.The mask can be a […]