How to decorate your home with cool wallpapers

Here are the ten wallpapers that will make your home look like a new world and make your office look like heaven.1.Wallpaper by – It is like a fairy tale in a dream world. Sakura Wallpapers 2. Wallpaper by SorinDeeWallpaper  – Beautiful and unique the best wallpaper of the year. 3. Hoodie by Eyes of an IdiotWallpaper of the Year – Inspired by an old Japanese […]

How to change the look of your smartphone’s wallpaper

A user recently uploaded a video to YouTube showing how to change a smartphone’s display wallpaper to one that looks more appealing.The video, titled How to Change the Look of Your Smartphone’s Wallpaper, was uploaded to YouTube by user Kunal Gupta in February this year.It showed how to set the wallpaper to be different from […]