How to Use the Reddit Desktop Wallpaper to Hide the Desktop Wallpapers

Here are the instructions for how to hide the desktop wallpaper of reddit.The wallpaper you choose is the default wallpaper.You can also change it by going to settings, selecting desktop, and then using the button to change it.You’ll need to click the back button when you want to hide it.Once you’ve done that, the desktop […]

India’s top 10 smartphones

India’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7, is now on sale in India.The Note 7 was released in India on November 7, the same day the Narendra Modi government announced its decision to scrap the demonetisation move.According to a report in the Times of London, India’s biggest smartphone retailer, Flipkart, is currently the second-largest seller […]

When you’re out of town, you don’t have to pay for a wallpaper

If you’re stuck in an airport or on a train and have no idea where to look for a specific wallpaper, you can now browse through the web using the keyboard and mouse.Roald Dahl’s classic tale “Bakugō” is also available in English.It has become one of the most famous books in the world thanks to […]

How to play: Get the latest game trailer and trailer videos

Football Italian has released its latest trailer for The Crew, with the title ‘Let the games begin’.The trailer, entitled ‘Let The Games Begin’, shows a wide range of features including the new squad and its squad manager, the new game mode and the new map.We also get to see new screenshots of the upcoming mode […]

What you need to know about the PC wallpaper update

PC users are being urged to upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10 to fix a security vulnerability in the wallpaper system.Microsoft says the issue has been fixed in version 1709.That means users who already have the software installed should be able to upgrade.The company is also making a special offer to users who […]