What are the 10 best Bible verses?

The Bible verse you’re looking for is: 1 Samuel 18:1-3:7 (English)A prophet from God has been lying to his people, telling them that God has a special gift, a special privilege, that only he has.But there’s no such thing as a gift, only a privilege, and that gift only comes with work and effort.The prophet […]

Fortnite’s ‘super hero’ avatar – What to expect from the game

Fortnites official website has posted a trailer for the game’s super hero avatar.Fortnits official website posted a teaser trailer for its new “super hero” avatar.The trailer shows a soldier with an awesome looking armor, the cape and the cape insignia.It also features a super-hero-like appearance and cape.The new avatar has been created by the team […]

How to decorate your home with cool wallpapers

Here are the ten wallpapers that will make your home look like a new world and make your office look like heaven.1.Wallpaper by SasukeWallpaper.com – It is like a fairy tale in a dream world. Sakura Wallpapers 2. Wallpaper by SorinDeeWallpaper  – Beautiful and unique the best wallpaper of the year. 3. Hoodie by Eyes of an IdiotWallpaper of the Year – Inspired by an old Japanese […]