How to use Photoshop to turn a blank wall into a Christmas wallpaper

In the past, we’ve discussed how to transform a blank wallpaper into a wallpaper with a couple of different methods.The first of these techniques involves using a layer mask, which we’ve covered in a previous article.The layer mask works by transforming the layer that you want to make a wallpaper from.The mask can be a […]

Football is trending: A motivational wallpaper

Football is getting the motivational treatment.A Facebook fan page has been created to show off the game’s new “love” and “fall” wallpaper, while a Pinterest page has also been created for those looking for more motivational ideas.The football fans, who are using the page to promote their favourite teams and players, are also sharing motivational […]

How to Get Away with Doing Stupid Things: Why Are You Still a Bad Bunny?

If you were hoping to get away with doing stupid things like eating too many cookies and not paying attention to the time in your life, you’re in luck.Because this is the internet, you can now do it.That is, of course, if you’re the bad bunny.But seriously, the bad rabbit doesn’t do any stupid things.It’s […]