How to use Google’s new sunsets wallpaper

If you’re a fan of sunsets, this is probably the wallpaper that will suit you.The wallpaper is made up of a selection of different sunsets from different angles, so that you can get a feel for how they look from different perspectives.It’s a free wallpaper and available to download now.The app uses the same technology […]

How to make your home screen glow with a wallpaper

You’ve probably seen a few wallpapers in the past few years.From the minimalist ones that look like they came straight from the anime, to the full-blown wallpapers that look exactly like your desktop wallpaper.But what if you want to make it look more like your real life?And that’s where wallpaper maker Fortnite comes in.If you […]

Australia’s $400bn credit bubble: How to stop it from blowing up

A massive credit bubble has erupted in Australia.The Australian dollar has tumbled in value.The Reserve Bank is now cutting interest rates and the government has pledged to provide $300bn of additional funding.But just as it did in the US and Europe, the boom has now hit a brick wall.What’s the main risk to Australia’s economy?Read […]

How to use haikyuu to improve your life in the dark

The haikyū genre is known for being a genre that combines fantasy, comedy and action.It’s the same with the manga, anime and video games in which it’s often portrayed.Here are some tips and tricks to help you achieve the best haikyus in the darkest times of the night.1.Get comfortable.A hazy night in a dark apartment […]