How to use Android’s built-in wallpaper for the best look at your Android phone

Android is a platform that can help you achieve a beautiful, colorful and minimalistic look on your device.That’s why you can get the best looking wallpaper on your phone from Google Play, and even get the default Android wallpaper, which is designed to look like the wallpaper on a TV screen.It’s important to make sure […]

How to make your home screen glow with a wallpaper

You’ve probably seen a few wallpapers in the past few years.From the minimalist ones that look like they came straight from the anime, to the full-blown wallpapers that look exactly like your desktop wallpaper.But what if you want to make it look more like your real life?And that’s where wallpaper maker Fortnite comes in.If you […]

What is your favourite flower wallpaper? – 8 Things You Need to Know

I love this flower wallpaper.It’s pretty and pretty much all the colours you could ever want in one wallpaper.And the background is a lovely green and it’s a very colourful wallpaper.I have it installed on my desktop and my laptop. My wallpaper collection is pretty wide ranging and includes some of the more colourful ones too.The […]

How To Use Your Smartphone To Draw a Glitter Wallpaper

We all know that wallpaper is awesome, but now you can do a little bit more with your smartphone.A new wallpaper engine is making it easy to make your own stunning wallpapers.The app, called Wix, lets you draw a glitter wall with your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone.Here’s how to use it: 1.Install Wix on […]