Why are red and white Christmas cards so popular?

There’s a new meme coming to the internet this holiday season: the red and yellow Christmas cards.As the season approaches, the cards are being used as a means of social networking and marketing.They’re also being used in schools and restaurants, often for Christmas decorations.But as many red and blue Christmas cards are the same, and […]

Why I’ve Changed my Phone Wallpaper to My Android Wallpaper

I have no idea why I’ve been using my phone’s wallpaper for the past year.I love it.It makes me feel so much better.I was a big fan of the Samsung Galaxy S7 wallpaper when it was released last year.It had the classic red, yellow and blue colors.Now, I use it to change my wallpaper, even […]

‘A’ is still a ‘b’ and we’re still talking about ‘bodies’

A lot of us have heard the phrase “A” is still an “A”.In many of the modern societies, it seems that all “A’s” are equal.But in the Indian context, the word is still used as an adjective and has an connotation of superiority.When a person refers to someone as a “A”, it is usually used […]