What Happened to The Pink Christmas?

From the moment the first image of the new pink wallpaper hit the Internet on December 24, the word “nike” was everywhere.The image showed a young boy with his arms around a girl with a pink scarf and a hat.It was meant to be a Christmas greeting, but was instead taken from a photograph of […]

Galaxy Cool wallpaper for kids,Galaxy Cool for girls

Galaxy cool is a pink, girlish, sexy and colorful color scheme that is available for girls.Galaxy cool, which has been used for many years, has been popular in a variety of industries, including fashion, advertising, foodservice, fashion, fitness, travel, beauty and more.The latest incarnation of this popular wallpaper was recently featured in the fashion and […]

Why I think minimalism is an art form

The latest edition of Cricinfo.com’s popular visual arts section has a new section for those looking to make a change.The main objective is to encourage those interested in minimalist living to get creative with their design and the design itself, with some interesting themes.First off, the theme for this edition is a little quirky.In this […]