How to make your home look festive on Christmas Eve

A festive home for Christmas is a simple thing to do, and you can start with a simple light.This light comes in the form of a bright white Christmas tree, a traditional Christmas decoration, that will sit proudly on your porch.Once you have a Christmas tree on your front lawn, it will be easier to […]

When a phone gets better, it’s better than a wallpaper

Apple iPhone 8 Plus: Black, white, grey, blue wallpaper iPhone 8 Plus (iPhone 8): Black, grey and blue wallpaper iPhone 8 (iPhone X): Black and white wallpaper iPhone X (iPhone 6s): White, black and blue.iPhone X (7): Blue, white and grey wallpaper iPhone 9: Black and blue, silver, grey wallpaper I have a couple of […]

What’s in the water? How to keep an eye on the big threats

The world’s oceans have seen record levels of greenhouse gas emissions and the ocean is getting increasingly acidic.Now, there’s a new threat: Overfishing.The United States and its allies are battling the spread of the world’s deadliest invasive fish, the yellowfin tuna, to feed the global population.The fish have been eating through oceans in Asia, South […]

iPhone 6S: The iPhone 6s looks great but it’s not the best-looking phone

Apple is looking to the next generation of its iPhones with the iPhone 6, the sixth iteration of the smartphone with an all-new design and a faster processor.Apple CEO Tim Cook told the Wall Street Journal in an interview that the next iPhone should be “the best-designed iPhone ever.”“It has a better display, it has […]

How to make an army of Fortnite bots

Fortnites’ bots have been getting a lot of love lately.The game has already been released on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac, and it’s being supported by the Fortnition network of servers and bot developers.Now, the developers are sharing a tool to help you create your own bot.The Fortnitions Bot Builder is free and is available […]

When I am out of town and need a wallpaper for my house, I have to find something else.

Google News article Google news article Google search engine.I am trying to find a wallpaper and a place for my wallpaper and I have searched around for a while.There are plenty of other people who have done the same thing and have found a decent one.But what if I am not looking for a wallpaper, […]

Apple’s iOS 7.0 has a few bugs that can make it look ugly

AppleInsider article It’s been a few months since Apple released iOS 7, but it’s finally here.AppleInsiders has posted a comprehensive list of all the bugs that Apple is fixing for iOS 7 in the next major release of iOS, version 7.1.0.We’re excited to be a part of Apple’s work on improving the look of iOS […]

Why the Australian Olympic Association is making a huge mistake with its new home page

Posted November 17, 2018 06:02:28 The Australian Olympic association (AOA) has announced plans to rename the site that covers the sport of swimming in its home page.It is being called the ‘Australian Olympic Pavilion’.The AOA’s move comes after the publication of a leaked leaked version of the organisation’s 2018 Olympic Games bid document which claimed […]