We love using cherry blossoms, but we’re not used to seeing them this way on our walls.

You know, as a reminder of the season’s pastimes and the cherry blossoming that just happens to be a part of the holiday season.

But this summer, it’s becoming more popular to make this holiday look as festive as possible, using a colorful palette to make your home a bit more special.

Here’s how to do it.1.

Select the desired theme in the menu bar of your browser.2.

In the upper right corner of your window, choose your wallpaper from the list.3.

Select and set the style, color, and border of the image, as well as the background color.4.

Go ahead and set your background to dark.5.

If you’re feeling more creative, you can also choose to make the background white or dark blue.6.

You can also add your favorite picture to the background image by tapping the Add to Wallpaper button, or select a photo from your camera roll.7.

If your wallpaper has a color theme, you’ll want to make it a bright, saturated color.

In this example, I went for bright pink, but you can change your wallpaper to any color you’d like.8.

Once you’ve made your background, tap the Add image button to add your wallpaper.9.

If there’s a picture of you in the background, your wallpaper will appear in your browser window.

If not, tap Add image again to add a photo.10.

Once your wallpaper is added, tap on the image to open the menu.11.

Tap on the wallpaper that you just added and choose to open a popover window.12.

The Popover window will open up with your wallpaper, which you can tap on to change the wallpaper.

Themes can be customized and can even be customized with your photo album, so don’t worry if your wallpaper doesn’t match the theme.

For example, if your theme is purple, you might want to add another color to make a splashy effect.13.

You may also want to adjust the brightness of your wallpaper so it’s not as bright.

The more vibrant the color, the brighter your wallpaper becomes.14.

You’ll also want your wallpaper displayed on a dark background, so make sure to change your background color and set it to black.15.

Tap the Add images button to open your images window.16.

Select a photo that you’d prefer to add to your wallpaper and set its background to a dark blue color.17.

Next, select the image you want to display in your Popover Window.18.

Select your image and go ahead and make your changes.19.

Your Popover will open with your image, and you’ll be presented with your new wallpaper.