From the moment the first image of the new pink wallpaper hit the Internet on December 24, the word “nike” was everywhere.

The image showed a young boy with his arms around a girl with a pink scarf and a hat.

It was meant to be a Christmas greeting, but was instead taken from a photograph of the Nike “Love” ad campaign.

The ad showed a cute and lovable girl with her long blond hair tied in a ponytail and her cheeks a little pink.

She is singing a song to her family on the porch and smiling broadly.

It’s a picture of what could have been.

As the ad was being rolled out, Nike changed the color of the scarf to pink and the pink of the hat to pink.

And so the world lost its Christmas cheer.

“We were just trying to be different and kind of playful and a little more playful than we normally would have,” says Lauren Wahlstrom, the brand’s head of creative design.

“But we were really just trying the new look and the new vibe.”

The pink-and-red palette has been the trademark for Nike for years, but this was the first time it had been used on a pink-themed wallpaper.

When it was introduced in 2016, the pink wallpaper featured a more traditional palette.

The wallpaper featured bright, light pink, pinky-orange, orange and light pink.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2019 that Nike finally decided to make the palette more bold.

“The more bold palette, the more we’ve been able to really tap into the playful side of it and really push the look to the forefront,” Wahlstroth says.

In January, the company started using a new palette with a bolder, pink tone.

The colors of the palette were more muted, with a lighter pink, red and yellow.

The new palette was introduced with a splashy new design that included the Nike logo and a red, yellow and orange splash.

It also featured a pinky accent and a pink stripe across the back of the logo.

Wahlstrems design team took the opportunity to reimagine the whole look and wanted to make sure the wallpaper looked as playful as possible.

“When you look at our designs and look at the new looks, we wanted to do something a little bit different than what the old look was,” she says.

“You’ve got the bright, colorful color palette, you’ve got a playful and fun and lonny look that you can really enjoy.

We wanted to really make sure that we had a little element of the old design, a little nod to the old,” she adds.

When the new palette hit the streets, the color palette had changed again.

It now included the new colors of orange, yellow, red, blue and pink.

But this time, the focus was on the bright and vibrant pinky and orange.

The pinky accents were gone and the orange and blue accents were in, with the orange accent being added to the side of the background of the wallpaper.

And that was the end of the line for the new color palette.

It is now time to turn to the next big shift in the brand.

Welchstrom says that Nike is starting to make its way back to its original, more playful, look.

“Nike really has taken the time to be as playful and playful as we could be,” she said.

“There are some things we can still do to push it further and push it beyond the limits of the pinky, orange, and pinky,” she continues.

Nike will begin introducing more playful colors into its new palette and is looking forward to seeing how the new style continues to evolve in the coming months.

“I think the new palettes are really going to be the next step, really,” Welthstrms says.

The brand’s newest colors will be released in April.

But as the company begins to change, Wahlstrms is ready to see how much the new wallpaper can make it.

“It’s exciting to see the next steps in this palette, especially as we start to go back to our original color palette,” she explains.

“That’s definitely a step forward.”

Wahlstrams says she is excited to see what Nike can do with the palette.

“For us, it’s about creating a new and bold palette,” Walstrom says.

“[The new palette] is really going in the direction that we want it to go.

It feels like a new way of doing things.

We’re all in on it.

We all want it.

The challenge is figuring out what will make it feel good, what will create a fun and different look, and that’s something we are working very hard on.”