A series of stunning wallpaper images, taken by a user on Reddit, are now available for download, showing off some of the iconic colours of the Australian outback.

The images, entitled Purple and Green, show off vibrant tones of purple and green on the walls of a cottage in the Northern Territory, and are available for $19.95 on the subreddit.

A similar collection of colourful wallpaper images from the US, which is also available for free download, were also posted by Reddit user The_Hairy_Man.

Reddit user the_hairy_man posted an array of images from his recent trip to the US in February, which showed the desert landscape of the Mojave Desert, including the towering San Andreas Dam, the iconic Mojave Highway, and the White House.

“The first time I visited the US I found out there were more than 100,000 species of plants and animals, including all the plants and wildlife in the Mojaves Desert,” he wrote on Reddit.

“I am looking forward to exploring more of the country.”

In response to his post, redditor Kaitlyn wrote: “I had been to the Whitehouse many times before and I am looking forwards to getting there again.

It was amazing to see the White house and the Capitol dome.

I will definitely be going back to visit!”

The post has been liked by many, with many users saying the images were incredible, and they thought they would share the photos online for free.

Several users also commented on the Reddit post, with one user, a Reddit user called bmccoo, writing: “This is just the best wallpaper I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Redditors also took to social media to share the images, and users have been sharing the images on their favourite social media platforms.

In another post, Reddit user Tjarkus wrote: I love this, it’s such a cute picture.

It’s so simple but it does so much for the theme.

This is the perfect example of how we can all have fun with this wallpaper.

Tjarkuss, who was travelling with his parents in a tent on the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, posted a photo of the wallpaper on Instagram.

While the post has garnered some attention, Reddit users have also shared the images using hashtags like #womenswallpapers, #mochawallpaper and #pinkwallpaper.

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