Google is preparing to launch a new color scheme to the Android operating system, the company said.

It will use a new, bright red color palette, a move Google first announced last year.

The new color palette will also be available for purchase through the Google Play Store, Google said in a blog post on Thursday.

Google says it is making the new colors available for pre-order and is expected to start selling them sometime next month.

Google’s announcement comes less than a week after the company revealed its upcoming wallpaper changes for Android, a new feature it says it will introduce next week.

Google has been testing Android 7.0 Nougat for a few months, and has said it is planning a big release of the OS later this year.

It says the wallpaper changes will also allow users to switch back and forth between a dark and light theme.

The company has said the new wallpaper changes are intended to be the last big changes it makes to Android before its next major update, which will be unveiled in April.