The German automaker has released a new dark theme for its vehicles, which it says are designed to highlight its cars’ natural environment. 

The new dark style will be available for the all-new BMW i3 sedan, the BMW X5 sedan, and the all new BMW i8 sedan. 

“The dark theme is a reflection of the car’s natural environment,” BMW said.

“With the exception of the BMW i7, the design of all our cars reflects this.

We hope that the new dark car will become a symbol of our passion for natural surroundings and a great vehicle for everyday use.”

The new BMWi theme will be free for everyone to download, and will include the new Audi Q5, Audi Q7, and Audi R8 sports cars, among others.

The theme is available in two versions: a standard dark theme and a new bright theme.

The dark BMWi wallpaper includes an image of a deer that can be found in a forest near the city of Hamburg, and it has the look of a sunset, with the word “Rodeo” on top of a hill.