If you’re one of the few who hasn’t yet upgraded to Android 4:3, this article will teach you everything you need to know about the update to the latest version of Android.

But if you’re already an Android 4 user and don’t have a 4S, don’t worry – there’s a quick guide for you!

Before you get started, we’d like to ask you to review the following points from the Android 4 release notes:1.

The Android 4, 3, and 2 releases are not backwards compatible.

Android 4 is not compatible with previous Android versions.


You can download and install Android 4 on older iPhones and iPads.

You don’t need to worry about this, as we’ve provided a guide to using the latest versions of Android on your 4S.3.

If you already have an older 4S and are using Android 4 for work, it will not work on an older device.4.

The 4S version of this guide can only be used on older devices with an active SIM card.

You need to use a SIM card with at least one year of usage to use this guide.5.

This guide will not unlock your iPhone or iPad with a 4G network.6.

You will need to download a special tool to unlock your 4s with a new SIM card, as outlined in the guide.7.

If your 4 is already locked up with a SIM that is older than 4G, you will need a SIM with at most two years of usage.8.

If using Android 5.0, you can also unlock the iPhone 4s using an older version of the app.

If not, you’ll need to update to Android 5 and wait for the app to become available for download.9.

The instructions below are based on the 4S (not 4G) model and are the same for all 4S users.

However, the steps outlined below apply to the iPhone 5 and newer.

If you’ve previously upgraded to the Android 3.2 version of 4S before, you should be able to access the guide using your 4G device.

However if you have upgraded to an older model of the device, it may be difficult to access this guide and/or the latest 4.x version of iOS on an old 4S device.

If that’s the case, please use this step to unlock 4S on an existing iPhone or tablet.1.

Go to Settings > About > Software Update.2.

On the Android Software Update page, scroll down to the bottom and tap Upgrade.3, On the Upgrade screen, tap Download Now.4, Tap the upgrade button and wait a few seconds.5, Tap Done to confirm the upgrade.6, Your device will reboot and you’ll be taken to a new screen.7, On this screen, click on “Reset”.8, On “Resets”, confirm that you want to update your device to the most recent version of 3.x.9, After you’ve downloaded the upgrade package, you may need to reboot your device.10, If you’ve got an iPhone or an iPad with an iOS version 3.3 or earlier, you must restart your device after upgrading.11.

On this page, click “Settings > About”, scroll down and tap About This Device.12, Scroll down and click Settings > Software Updates.13, Scroll to the next screen and click the update button.14, On that page, tap Install Now.15, Tap “Yes” if you want the update.16, The update will start installing and will take a few minutes.17, After the update has finished installing, you won’t be able for a while to access your device from your phone or tablet without restarting it.18, The iOS update is now installed and the iOS interface will appear on your screen.19, You can reboot your phone and iPad from your computer.20, After a few moments, you’re able to unlock and use the iPhone or the iPad.21, After unlocking and using your iPhone, you might notice that the iPhone is locked up or a black screen appears.

Tap to unlock it.22, You’re now able to use the iPad from the iPad app.