If you are on a Mac and want to play games on your iPhone but you can’t see the screen or you don’t have a keyboard or mouse you will need to create your own iPhone wallpaper.

Apple has released an iOS wallpaper tool that lets you download a variety of iPhone wallpaper files and convert them to images.

These are not exactly the same as the Mac version of the app that lets users change the wallpaper on their iOS device but they do allow you to change the background colour.

The app will take a screenshot of the image and then convert it into a 3D image.

Apple says you can also adjust the size and colour of the background and add the logo and text of the game or movie you want to change.

Here’s how you can convert a Mac wallpaper to an iPhone one: Open the iPhone app Tap the Menu button from the upper left of the screen.

Select ‘Wallpaper’ Click ‘Save’ Choose a file that you want your iPhone wallpaper to be imported into the app.

If you’re using Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite you’ll need to download the file first, but for OS X Mavericks you can use a free app called Colorizer that will do the job.

If not, head over to the Apple Support Communities and find a program that can do the work for you.

Once the program has downloaded and converted your file, double-click it to open it in the Apple Photos app.

To convert an iPhone wallpaper file to a 3d image: Open your iPhone’s photo library Tap the menu button from your upper left, then tap the ‘Settings’ button.

Select the ‘Wallpapers’ tab.

Select your iPhone folder Open the Apple Photo Library in your Photos app Tap on the ‘Photos’ icon to open the ‘Photo Library’ page.

Select an image in the dropdown list Tap ‘Export’ Once your image is exported, open the app to change it in your photo library.

If your wallpaper file isn’t available in the Mac app, you’ll have to find it in Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements or a similar application.