Facebook has now revealed how to remove a post’s Facebook privacy settings.

The company has announced the “Facebook Privacy Settings” feature for “friends” and “family” posts that have been “liked” or “loved” by Facebook users.

The feature is accessible through the “Settings” section on the Facebook app.

It is also available through the settings page on the “About” page.

This will remove the post from Facebook’s “Friends” or the “Family” settings.

You will need to be logged in to the Facebook account to perform the removal of posts from these settings.

This feature is available only to Facebook users with the Facebook Developer Program.

To enable the “Privacy Settings” setting, open the Facebook privacy page and tap on “Settings”.

On the Privacy Settings page, scroll down to “Friends.”

Tap on the post you wish to remove from the “Friends & Family” settings, then click “Edit” at the bottom of the page.

You’ll see a new “Edit Privacy Settings”.

Select “Edit Settings” at this point.

This should remove the Facebook posts “likes” and the “loves” for the post.

Now that you’ve removed the post, you can go back to the “about” page and re-enable the “friends & family” settings from the Privacy Setting page.