This week, Apple has added a Halloween wallpaper option to the iPhone’s Settings app.

When users install a new wallpaper, it will be downloaded and added to their iPhone’s wallpaper list.

The new option can be used to hide the wallpaper’s appearance when the iPhone is locked, unlocked, or locked to Wi-Fi.

For instance, users can toggle the “Hide the wallpaper when locked” option in the iPhone Settings app to turn off the wallpaper.

Users can also disable the wallpaper from appearing in a notification tray.

The feature will only work on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus models.

Users who want to turn on the wallpaper can choose to do so in the Settings app by tapping on the “Show Settings” button.

If you’re unsure whether your iPhone is unlocked or locked, use the “Force Unlock” option to turn it on and use the Lock screen to unlock it.