Posted November 17, 2018 06:02:28 The Australian Olympic association (AOA) has announced plans to rename the site that covers the sport of swimming in its home page.

It is being called the ‘Australian Olympic Pavilion’.

The AOA’s move comes after the publication of a leaked leaked version of the organisation’s 2018 Olympic Games bid document which claimed the new site would be home to “the best” venues for hosting the 2020 Games.

The AOA said it is still working on a new home for the site, which will be open for public access starting in 2020.

The leaked document also said the new home would include “the largest, most luxurious, award-winning Olympic venues” and would “enhance the attractiveness of our sport, enhance our image and enhance our brand”.

The new home is set to open in 2020, with the AOA said to have invested around $100 million in the design.

The organisation also announced plans last month to make a further $2 million in public funds available for the design, construction and construction of the new venue.

The document also suggested that the AOAs new home will include a “world-class performance and entertainment complex”.

It is believed the AOOA will make a final decision on the name and logo of the venue in the next few months.

“Our commitment to the future of swimming will be to ensure our athletes are proud of their national identity, proud of our city and proud of the sport that we all love,” the AOP said in a statement.

The AOA did not comment on the leaked document when contacted by The Australian.

AOA chairman and chief executive Ian MacDonald said the organisation will be working with the Victorian Government to make sure that the new Olympic venue is a great place to host the 2020 Olympic Games.

MacDonald said the AOM will look at other venues, including a proposed new venue in New York.

He said it would also be important to make the site accessible to the public, which is why the AOC will be looking at other options, such as building a new swimming pool or a new training complex.

In a statement, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said the government will work with the Australian Organising Committee (AOC) and Victorian Olympic Association to find a venue for the 2020 Summer Games.

“The Government is committed to a strong, safe and welcoming place for the next generation of Olympians and athletes to compete in the 2020 Rio Olympics, so the A OA will be providing funding for this important task,” Andrews said.

There has been some speculation that the planned new venue will be on the Gold Coast, and that the Victorian government might be able to use some of the funds from that proposed new pool.

On Monday, the AIO announced a partnership with the NSW government to establish a $1.5 million pool for the Games.

It also announced the establishment of a $3 million pool facility at the AGO site.

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