The LeBron James wallpaper has become a hit for some employees at the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are now using it to decorate their offices.

The Cleveland Cavaliers use the wallpaper on their walls, but it is also seen used in various corporate settings, including on some office desks.

The wallpaper has drawn controversy on social media because it is designed to be blue, a shade of orange which is not associated with the team.

However, it is the NBA star’s favorite color and has even inspired a number of variations.

For example, a Cleveland Cavaliers fan posted a picture of a wallpaper design he created in the LeBron James Hall of Fame, which features a leopard.

The fan, named Jason, wrote, “I made this leopard wallpaper in honor of my dear friend and fellow LeBron James fan, leb” and the Wall Street Journal described the design as “lady-like” and “gorgeous.”

“Lemony James” is a popular nickname given to James by his mother, Serena, when she was a young woman in the 1970s, according to the Wall St Journal.

LeBron James is known for his love of sports and he has worn the same leopard-patterned LeBron James-inspired wallpaper for the past five years on his desk at the Cavs’ practice facility in Cleveland.

LeBron James is a Cleveland, Ohio, native who was born and raised in the city.

The Cavs’ Wall of Fame is in his honor.

The fan’s artwork has since been shared thousands of times and his wall has been the subject of multiple memes and comments.

According to the Journal, “the leopard was inspired by the LeBron logo, which is a reference to the iconic image of LeBron James wearing a leopards paw while playing basketball with the Cleveland Indians during the 1960s.”