If you’re a green-haired anime fan, you probably don’t want to go to theaters with a red wallpaper, or even a wallpaper with a picture of a tree.

But that’s exactly what happened to the original wallpaper for the Japanese theater, where it was used in the opening scenes of anime classic, Dragon Ball Z: The Battle of Gods.

In 2013, the Japanese theaters were set to screen the film, which stars Goku and his friends, Vegeta, Cell, Trunks and Yamcha, in an all-new Japanese style.

But on July 18, the theater in Kyoto, Japan, went into a blackout.

The scene was filmed in a traditional Japanese style, using a palette of yellow, red, blue, green, and white to create the effect of the green color on the screen.

The color scheme was the result of a collaboration between animation studio, Studio Pierrot, and the theater, which had previously produced the color palette for the film.

When the blackout hit, the entire theater went into meltdown.

The walls and seats began to melt, causing the theater to become a wasteland.

The damage was so severe that the theater had to close for a few days.

This caused a rift between the staff, and after a meeting between the director and the company that manufactured the panels, the directors decided to change the color scheme.

That change was eventually approved by the theater’s management, but the scene remained a source of controversy.