We all know that wallpaper is awesome, but now you can do a little bit more with your smartphone.

A new wallpaper engine is making it easy to make your own stunning wallpapers.

The app, called Wix, lets you draw a glitter wall with your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone.

Here’s how to use it: 1.

Install Wix on your smartphone or tablet.

Wix is free for the first year.


On your phone or tablet, swipe to the left or right to draw an image of a glitter, like this:  3.

Tap the image you want to use as the background for your wallpaper.


Tap on the “Add to Wix” button.


Tap “Add Wix Wallpaper” to start drawing.


After you add a new image, Wix will automatically add the original image, and the original will automatically update when you tap on it again.


Tap your image to move it to the “Wallpaper” area of Wix.

The image can also be edited to your liking, so long as it’s a color image.

You can also use Wix’s built-in image editor to draw your own glitter wall.


Tap and hold the image to rotate it to your desired perspective.

This image will automatically be sized and resized to match the actual wall you’re using.


Tap Wix to create your new glitter wall, and you’ll see it automatically updated when you hit “Add Wallpaper”. 


Tap back on your iPhone or iPad to close Wix and return to the main Wix page.


From there, you can easily download the original and add the new image to Wux’s gallery.

You may have to delete the original or update the original. 


To make your new wall, tap the image and select “Save as GIF.” 


Once Wix saves your GIF, you’ll be able to preview it on Wix by tapping “Add Preview.” 


You’ll then be able drag and drop the image into Wix with just a tap.

The new image will be automatically added to your collection, and Wix can then delete the old image from Wix when you delete it. 

 If you like the new, original, or both, you may be able try adding them to your Wix library. 

Here are some of the best and most useful wallpapers that Wix has to offer: