Google announced the next installment of its Android mobile platform on Monday.

The new iOS version will be released on September 18, with Android versions to follow in the coming months.

The new iOS and Google Play editions of the Android operating system will include Google’s new Play Music service and the Google Now app, as well as new features for the iPhone and iPad.

The Play Music app, which is the centerpiece of Apple’s new Music app for Android, is available for iOS.

It will be available for Android users to use on iPhones and iPads and for Android tablets.

It also lets you create and share playlists and add other features like search and filters.

Google’s Android app also lets users share and manage music and videos, as it does for iOS users.

Apple’s new app for iOS lets users create and listen to music with songs from the Play Music catalogue, and lets them create playlists for personalized listening.

The Play Music experience has been redesigned and improved, including new music discovery tools that let users search for music by artist, song title or genre.

It includes an integrated news reader, a new way to view playlists on the lock screen and a new “top of the page” mode that allows users to access their music library from the bottom of the screen.

The iPad app will have the Google Play Music feature, and it will let users create playbacks of their favorite music, and will have a new feature called “Listen” that lets users stream their listening experience.

Both apps will have new voice commands, including “Play” and “Play again,” which lets users pause a song, play it again or switch to another song.

Apple also announced the new iOS app for the iPad, iOS 7, which will include Siri, Apple Pay, a redesigned Messages app, and support for the new Apple Watch.

Apple has also launched a new Apple Music app on the iPad.